General Information
Clash of Worlds (stylized as CL4SH oF WoRLDS) is the third sequel to Avatar: Clash of Worlds, and fourth story in the Avatar: Clash of Worlds series. The humorous, non-canon, crossover story was conceived of in early March 2013. Clash of Worlds is also the first installment in the second Clash of Worlds Trilogy
  • Nozus' Chapter
  • TechFilmer's Chapter
  • Twilitlink's Chapter
  • ByBray's Chapter
  • PreservationsWings' Chapter
  • The Bos' Chapter
Avatar: Better World - Avatar: Guardian
Avatar: The Mistakes of the Avatar - Avatar: Wanted
The Hunter's Gem - Inheritance - The Lifebenders
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It is unnaturally unhealthy for the worlds to remain... (blog)
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For the works of Vaznock, See here.
For the works of Superflash101, See here
To Annawantimes for the design of this page.

To Superflash for creating Clash of Worlds.

To Vaznock for creating Clash of Worlds.

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